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Pilot Member Association Grant Program

What is the Grant Program?

WEF and the Board of Trustees are committed to supporting Member Associations (MAs) to ensure our mutual success.  Accordingly, in years that WEF has an operating surplus and exceeds targeted reserves, the Board of Trustees may designate funds to provide grants to MAs. These grants are intended to assist MAs in providing member value locally and to support MA operations, sustainability and growth.

When will we know if the funds are available each year?

There will be an announcement at WEFTEC each year.

How does the program work?

Member Associations may be awarded a single grant per year from 1 November through 30 July through an on-line form on the MA Resource Center. Funds will be awarded on a quarterly basis along with updates on remaining fund dollars available for distribution. Grants are available in three categories: MA Operations, Seed Grants, and Planning and Training. Below is a list of items acceptable under each category; these are simply examples and not a comprehensive list.

How much can we ask for?

MA’s can apply for a single grant each year the program is offered. There is no limit on the amount an MA can apply for, within reason.

Who will review and approve the applications?

Applications will be reviewed and approved by members of the House of Delegates Budget Committee and WEF staff, with notification and disbursement of funds to happen quarterly.

Will any reporting be required by the MA?

Yes, MAs receiving grants will be required to submit documentation on the outcomes achieved as a result of the WEF assistance. Depending on the type of assistance, the MA will be required to submit receipts, progress reports, or additional information. The exact requirements will be included with the disbursement of the grant. The reporting is not designed to be a burden to the MA however a way for WEF to understand the impact on the MA, the members, and/or the water sector.

Examples of MA activities or initiatives to be considered for support:

MA Operations

  • New Computers for staff
  • Updating the MA website or AMS
  • Tax/Audit assistance
  • Executive Director Search

Seed Grants

  • Creation and launch of membership campaign
  • Challenge Team development and support
  • Member training program
  • Public Awareness/Advocacy
  • Fostering regional innovation

Planning and Training

  • MA Strategic Planning
  • Staff training
  • Volunteer leadership development (Board, Delegates, etc.)

Examples of items that will not be accepted for the MA Spot Grant Program

  • Staff Salaries
  • Normal operating expenses
  • MA scholarship funds                                                                                                          Approved: 9/28/18


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