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Eligibility Criteria

  • Member in good standing of WEF for a minimum of 5 consecutive years
  • Completed and signed WEF Fellows application providing:
    • Documentation for a minimum of 20 years of professional experience
    • Documentation of at least 10 years of professional achievement/stature and contributions to preserving and enhancing the global water environment, in the practice areas served by WEF, including, but not limited to Design/Consulting, Education, Operations, Regulation, Research and Utility Management/Leadership.
  • Documented contributions to the member’s profession through active participation in WEF, its Member Associations, other professional organizations and community involvement. Include examples of your work which convey the impact you have made in your practice area. Note: all presentations, papers, and cited works must be properly documented to show ownership.
  • Supporting letters from WEF members, (maximum of 5/minimum of 3) - two letters must be from peers in the nominee's practice area, and not employed at the same organization as the applicant.